Right Steps | Children
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Infants are provided an atmosphere where they can explore and make new discoveries.


Toddlers are provided an environment that will foster the development of friendships, self-esteem, and curiosity. The daily agenda will incorporate experiences in dramatic play, block building, art, music, reading and language development, and manipulatives geared to the development of muscles.


Pre-Schoolers are provided an environment to prepare them for kindergarten with a focus on the development of early literacy, mathematics, science, and social skills. The children will get accustomed to a consistent routine like that of a school setting while still being able to enjoy a healthy dose of running, jumping, and dancing to keep them active.


School-Age children are provided before school and after school care. Transportation will be provided to the local schools for grades K – 6th. After school care will include help with homework. A focus on social and emotional development, life-skills, and discipline will be fostered by Right Steps Childcare & Academy. In addition, the children can look forward to an AWESOME summer program filled with learning, fun, and field-trips.